I’ve been in training and eLearning for over 10 years now, and have spent a good deal of time developing eLearning, training, and web sites and applications. I’ve got a lot to say about the eLearning, training development, tools, and processes. This is were I say what I want about what’s going on in in my world of work, and the eLearning world in general.

I work as a Senior Instructional Designer for a telecommunications company in Northern California. In the past I’ve worked on long-term contracts for United States Coast Guard (7 years total), another telecom company, San Francisco State University, and a small video production company. I also do occasional free-lance web development and consulting.

In terms of my development background, I’ve got extensive experience with HTML, CSS, ASP, JavaScript, Flash, and XML. I’ve done all kinds of things with these (and other scripting/programming) tools from developing eLearning courses to writing my own content management system to creating a custom video player in Flash. I’ve also spent a good deal of time with SCORM. Oh, and I’ve developed a bit of classroom training. I’ll even stand up in front of people and deliver training if need be.

When I’m not messing with training related stuff, I spend time with my family, ride my bike, and take pictures and post many on my photo blog and on Zooomr. The new Wii is also a good way to kill some hours, but I usually do that with my kids so I don’t feel guilty. Once in a while I slip in a movie and some beers with my friends.


Gary Hegenbart

3 Responses to About

  1. Rupa says:

    Hi Gary

    Nice to know about you.

    Thanks for your comment in my blog.

  2. Bhanwar says:

    Hi Gary,

    Its very nice to know about you! I am from the same industry and very much liked your various reviews and blogs.
    My three main objective to write to you is :
    1: Thanking you for this initiative and congratulations on your success.
    2. To know, if I can be the regular member of this community, where I can have update when you or some other expert shares knowledge here.
    3. I have searched for CIBS (Custom Interactivity Building solution) on your blog but unfortunately didn’t find anything and I am very surprised on this. I want to have your views and comments on this particular industry recognized solution from Harbinger Knowledge Products.

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