eLearning Podcasts

I love podcasts. I listen to one everyday – they’ve completely replaced the radio for me, and music during my short drives to work. I still listen to music while I work, but whenever I get the chance I listen to podcasts.

Unfortunately, I have yet to find a podcast about eLearning that I really like. I’m not talking about using podcasts to deliver eLearning, there is plenty of that. I’m talking about a podcast for eLearning and/or training professionals. I’m using eLearning here very generically to cover just about everything to do with designing/developing/delivering/shaping content/activities/adventures to help people learn or do something. I tweeted the question last week and the only response was from James Kingsley (@onEnterFrame) saying “let me know if you find a good one pls.”

Syberworks, the LMS vendor has a podcast that I tried but couldn’t really get into. (I’m naturally skeptical of vendor podcasts. I fully recognize I might be missing something here.)

I recently discovered Captivating! the Adobe Captivate podcast, but haven’t listened yet. I’m not a Captivate user and most of the episodes seem to be short tutorial videos. And videos are kinda hard to watch while driving.

Based on my Google searches, there seems to be void waiting to be filled. We need a regular, ongoing eLearning podcast. If you know of one, please tell me, and others. If you want to start one, let me know. I’m game.