Choosing eLearning Development Tools, Part 3

The List O’ Tools

To come up with my list I did some research and found some existing lists that provided me with many tools: eLearning Technology blog, eLearning Guild, and Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies.The Elearning Guild has an extensive list with links to vendors that I recommend. You’ll have to weed through it, but it is a great resource.

I broke the tools into groups by function – media development tools, course authoring, online presentation. I focused on course authoring and online presentation tools. Not all the tools here are strictly eLearning tools, many are more general purpose presentation tools. I didn’t specifically research “rapid” eLearning tools because I hate that term. Any tool can be rapid, and rapid tools can be slow. Rapid is user dependent, like typing speed. My keyboard doesn’t make me type faster. No amount of marketing can make me type faster, just practice.

Media Development:

Online Presentation:

Course Authoring (stand alone):

Course Authoring (server based):

In all honesty I did not evaluate all these tools, but I did research all of them. Sometimes that research was a few minutes, other times I attended webinars and had lengthy discussions with sales people. In the coming weeks I’ll post my thoughts on every tool listed here. For tools that I only researched I’ll probably include several tools in a single post. For tools that I spent time using or researching, I’ll post individual reports. If you know of a great tool that I missed, please let me know.
I have no affiliation with any of these vendors. My evaluations are purely my opinion of the products. At anytime, I welcome feedback and comments, especially if I misrepresent something. I only have so much time in a day, so the reviews will be based on limited exposure to the products, but will be completely honest.

Update: Tom pointed out that I had incorrectly categorized Firefly Publisher, so I moved to the correct category.


3 Responses to Choosing eLearning Development Tools, Part 3

  1. Tom Hauser says:

    A small correction:

    KnowledgePlanet Firefly Publisher is not a stand alone authoring tool. It’s actually a server-based product, also known as Composica Enterprise (

    This should be an interesting set of posts, looking forward to it!

  2. ghegenbart says:

    Tom – good catch, I stuck it in the wrong place. I’ll post an update. Thanks

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